Monday, November 17, 2008

Old Hawaiian Coffee --Old Coffee from 1840's before GMO

Fortunately on the Big Island of Hawaii our county council has been able to override the veto of KIM the mayor of the Big Island of Hawaii. The county council of the Big Island was smart enough to realize that if GMO coffee or Kalo/taro was allowed to be started it would be impossible for us to get rid of this curse. In the County council there was a vote against the introduction of this GMO coffee into the Big Island. The Mayor Harry Kim VETOED this prohibition to introduce GMO coffee into the Big Island. Fortunately the intelligent County Council members were able to overturn this veto so GMO is forbidden to be brought into the Big Island of Hawaii and our coffee trees from the 1840's are able to exist without the genetic modification that could have been introduced. If the County Council had not overruled this veto of aka. Kimchee--Mayor Kim --we would have no other choice but to re named this GMO introduction as Mayor "Kims Curse". But thanks!!!! to the County Council the county of the Big Island of Hawaii remains the only GMO free coffee and taro locations in the Hawaiian Islands. Well done County Council of the BIG ISLAND. Keep the Genetically Modified products OUT of the Big Island. "THINK ORGANARCHY" grow organic and keep this world without GMO. Misha


William Maguire said...

OHC "Coffee Cherry Tea" is a very pleasant and delicious tea.

But be forewarned:

It tastes like Herbal
But it reacts like Ethel !

e.g., it is definitely caffeinated,
so it is either coffee or tea, not
both.... unless your heart is bulletproof.

Woo Hoo !!!

Aloha and Mahalo !

Stacey said...

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