Monday, November 17, 2008

Organic Coffee

here at Old Hawaiian Coffee on the Big Island of Hawaii we are offering the finest organic coffee available. the farm has been growing since the 1830-1840 period and has been continuously growng and producing coffee. since 1992 we have been organic and our motto is "Think Organarchy" No herbides, no pesticides, biological anbau, and organic. We have a herd of tropical short haired barbados/st. croix sheep that is our major weed eater and fertilizer. We also have about 30 full producing avocado trees which fertilize the soil. Presently it is being run by me--Misha and my family. Lorenz my youngest son is in the process of learning the coffee business so I can get back to sailing. recently we have a new product and that is COFFEE CHERRY TEA which is made from the cherry skins of our freshly pulped coffee, picked the same day and into the drying stage that evening. This coffee cherry tea has no resemblence to coffee, no flavor of coffee but more on the flavor of a hibiscus/rose hips tea, bit on the fruity side and delicious. it is a strong antioxidant and also aids in the rebuilding of collagen in the body.

Our harvest season is going on well and we are daily getting in a good deal of coffee. The coffee beans are processed and fermented and the coffee cherry skins are immediately dried for your coffee cherry tea. Keep informed as we have several researches studying the benefits of this coffee cherry tea. Hope you have a beautiful evening and think Aloha. aloha, Misha

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Homeland Organic said...

Wow. This is great! Is is possible to visit the farm as well? I wanted to see how the organic coffee is formed because I am an organic coffee fan. I hope to have more assistance on this. Thanks.